Japan to Ban Export of Components for Aviation, Space Industry, Drones
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Japan to Ban Export of Components for Aviation, Space Industry, Drones

The government of Japan has expanded its list of goods prohibited for export to Russia, adding to it, among other things, components for aviation, space industry and drones, the Japanese ministry of economy, trade and commerce announced on Friday.

The measures, introduced over the situation in Ukraine, will come into force on April 7. The list of prohibited items will include balloons, gliders, unpowered aircraft and their components, parachutes, aircraft brake gear, equipment for ground-based flight training, drones and their components, optical systems for underwater and aerial photography, compasses and navigational equipment.

The Japanese authorities will also prohibit exports of steel and aluminum goods, boilers, generators, and optical fiber.

Apart from that, children’s cycles, toys, toy models, and puzzles will also be prohibited for export to Russia.

The list was expanded within the framework of the Japanese government’s latest package of anti-Russian sanctions, approved on February 28. On that day, the country imposed sanctions implying, among other things, an asset freeze, where applicable, on 48 Russian individuals, 73 entities and separately Rosbank. Moreover, export restrictions have been introduced on 21 entities, including the Wagner private military company.

Concurrently with individual sanctions and restrictions on companies and entities, Tokyo usually bans export of a number of goods. The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said back then that the details would be defined later.

By now, Japan’s sanctions affect about 1,000 individuals and some 100 organizations from Russia.

Source : Tass