Pakistan’s Arslan Ash Wins Tekken 7 At Evo Japan 2023
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Pakistan’s Arslan Ash Wins Tekken 7 At Evo Japan 2023

Arslan Ash, from Pakistan, defeated Meo-IL and won another EVO Japan trophy. The match was pretty much one-sided. This makes for Arslan’s third EVO victory. He’s pretty much cemented himself as one of the best Tekken players of all time. It just goes to show how players from niche gaming communities can shake up the competition if they’re just given a single chance.

Pakistani Arslan Ash’s third trophy win at EVO Japan 2023 for Tekken 7, is now in direct competition for Knee’s record. Jae-Min “Knee” Bae holds the record for three EVO wins. He won his first back in 2013 at the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 event and subsequently, 2 more at EVO 2018 and 2022.

Previously, Pakistan’s Arslan Ash won EVO Japan 2019 and the EVO Championship series. He went toe-to-toe against Rangchu for the upper bracket finals and Meo-IL in the Grand Finals. He mained Zafina, showcasing some flashy moves.

This was the last time we’ll see Tekken 7 at an EVO event. Bandai Namco is planning full steam ahead for a Tekken 8 release. We don’t know when we’ll get our hands on those juicy Heat Smashes, Heat Bursts, and new juggle combos. But we’re eagerly waiting.

Pakistan’s Arslan Ash thanked his sponsors, fans, and the growing Pakistani Tekken Community for achieving this milestone in his eSports career. But that’s just the beginning of his career. We might get to see him at EVO Las Vegas, adding another trophy to his name.

So, what are your thoughts on Pakistan’s Arslan Ash dominating Tekken 7 at EVO Japan 2023? Let us know your thoughts below. Stay tuned for more updates on the NerdStash.

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