New China’s Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier is Realize on Ocean Operations
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New China’s Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier is Realize on Ocean Operations

Recently, relevant model photos of my country’s Type 055 aircraft carrier have been circulated on the Internet, and the exposure of this photo has also aroused heated discussions in other countries about my country’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Because this aircraft carrier is my country’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, it has now been recognized by many parties, so the 005 aircraft carrier also means that our country has started on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Another breakthrough.

It can be seen from the exposed photos that my country’s Type 055 aircraft carrier is very different from our country’s previous aircraft carriers in appearance, especially under the change of power form, there is no big difference in the use of conventionally powered aircraft carriers. The chimney, as well as the intake and exhaust ducts, it is this part of the change that also makes the space that the aircraft carrier can use larger.

But in fact, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is not completely without a chimney, it just means that it does not need such a large chimney, so it is almost impossible to see the existence of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier from the photos.

However, in the process of operation, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers still need the assistance of a small number of conventional-powered aircraft carriers, so they will also emit a small amount of exhaust gas, and the required chimneys will be small. However, it is precisely because of the obvious difference in exhaust emissions that everyone can see from the appearance of the photo that this is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

It can also be clearly seen from the disclosed information that it has three catapult takeoff runways and three carrier-based aircraft elevators. And because the overall shape is very different from previous aircraft carriers, its flight deck is also much larger, which implies that it will be able to carry more carrier-based aircraft. Although this is an inconspicuous change, it is still In fact, it has added a lot of vitality to the aircraft carrier.

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