2023 ‘Memphis Japan Festival’ Hosted by Memphis Botanic Garden
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2023 ‘Memphis Japan Festival’ Hosted by Memphis Botanic Garden

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Japanese culture, history, art, and the people of Japan were celebrated all the way in the Bluff City on Sunday at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

The “Memphis Japan Festival” paid tribute to the land of the rising sun, including a plethora of themed activities.

This family-oriented festival encouraged attendees to interact with Japanese food, games, crafts and more. Some were dressed in kimonos or Anime costumes; some practiced martial arts or sumo wrestling and there was even a booth where Japanese plants were for sale.

“Our organization exists to promote this relationship between Japan and the state of Tennessee, and this is one of the most important ways that we can do that,” executive director of the Japanese-America Society of Tennessee Sammie Arnold said.

Many enjoyed the sunshine at the Memphis Botanic Garden for the event.

“Some of whom have Japanese ties, but most don’t,” Arnold said. “A lot of folks here are getting introduced to Japanese culture for the first time and that’s a goal of ours.” 

Last year, Madeline Adams, CEO of the Japanese American Society of Tennessee, said that it was “really exciting to see the crossover of cultures.”

“There are so many people that want to teach and educate and share, so its really exciting to see the crossover of the cultures; Memphis culture, Japanese culture,” Adams said. “It’s a great way to experience something new but also, if you are extremely familiar with Japanese culture, it’s a great celebration.”

Source : WATN