Forsee Power Equips Kawasaki’s Electric Motorcycle of the Legendary Ninja and Z and Establishes New Site in Japan
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Forsee Power Equips Kawasaki’s Electric Motorcycle of the Legendary Ninja and Z and Establishes New Site in Japan

Forsee Power (FR0014005SB3 – FORSE), the expert in smart battery systems for electric light and heavy vehicles, announces that Kawasaki has chosen their batteries to equip the electric version of the legendary Ninja and Z motorcycle. In the meantime, the Group announces it establishes a new office and laboratory in Yokohama, Japan to support their growing activity in the country and appoints Kenjiro Azuma as Managing Director of Forsee Power Japan.

In presence of Philippe Setton, Ambassador of France in Japan and Tetsuya Daikoku, Senior Executive Managing Officer of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Forsee Power today held a press conference to announce its plan for Japan.

Kawasaki chooses Forsee Power’s GO 1.6 power swappable battery to power their Ninja e-1 and Z e-1

The Ninja e-1 and Z e-1 feature two swappable lithium-ion GO 1.6 power batteries. The high-power performance of these batteries connected in parallel ensures the sporty driving of the vehicles up to 99 km/hwith less noise and no emission. Moreover, the regeneration system enables to recycle the energy from deceleration into the battery when the driver releases the accelerator. This helps increase cruising range.

Multiple charging options add flexibility for maximal convenience to riders’ daily routine. It is possible to recharge the motorcycles by connecting it to a dedicated charger powered by a household power outlet. It is also possible to remove the batteries and charge them. Charging time per battery is approximately 3.7 hours for full charge.

Kawasaki’s vehicles will be sold globally. Thanks to the global footprint of Forsee Power, the Group will support the aftersales service of Kawasaki products in all markets. A first order of the batteries has already been placed.

A new presence in Yokohama to support the growing business of Forsee Power in Japan

Forsee Power has positioned as a strong international player on the battery market for light and heavy vehicles, with the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services for its target markets.

The Group has decided to establish a site in Yokohama, in the prefecture of Kanagawa, to support its growing customer base in Japan. The site will host a maintenance center and laboratory to provide repair services as well as support to the R&D activities of Forsee Power’s Japanese customers such as during the validation phase of vehicles.

“Thanks to the support of our shareholder and strategic partner Mitsui, Forsee Power has been accelerating its business activity with world-leading Japanese OEMs of off-highway vehicles, trains, trucks, and light electric vehicles. The establishment of our new site in Yokohama is an important step in our internationalization strategy to build close relationships with our customers and to accelerate the decarbonization of transport,” explains Christophe Gurtner, Chaiman and CEO at Forsee Power. “We are very proud that Kawasaki has chosen Forsee Power to power its legendary Ninja motorcycle and the Z model. It is a great sign for the electrification of motorcycles when a world leader like Kawasaki launches an electric version of two models that have met such success with city riders over the years.

Kenjiro Azuma is appointed Managing Director of Forsee Power Japan

Kenjiro Azuma is appointed Managing Director of Forsee Power Japan and Business Development Director of Forsee Power in Asia Pacific. For the past four years, based in Paris at Forsee Power’s headquarters, Kenjiro was responsible for the acceleration of the cooperation between Forsee Power and Mitsui to boost Forsee Power’s development in Japan, and with Mitsui’s projects worldwide.

A graduate from Tokyo University in business management, Kenjiro Azuma was previously at Mitsui & Co in business units such as Mobility and Energy Solutions. He has 20 years of experience in international business development, out of which he stayed 10 years abroad, and especially in the emerging markets in the automotive sector.

Source : Business Wire