US Considering New Space Force Unit in Japan
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US Considering New Space Force Unit in Japan

The US Space Force is considering establishing a Space Force command post in Japan, according to a press statement by US Chief of Space Operations Gen. B. Chance Saltzman.

The initiative marks the newly-formed US Space Force Indo-Pacific’s next step in extending its space operations in the region, pushing for collaboration with allied nations and competing with other growing forces in the space domain.

Small Steps

Saltzman told reporters in Tokyo that the plan is still in its earliest stages and that they are still trying to determine how big the eventual unit will be.

“We’re just in the planning phases to figure out exactly what that headquarters would do,” he said.

Despite not having a concrete timeline at the moment, Saltzman added that the Space Force is eyeing Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo as a candidate site.

Growing Competition

The US government continues to roll out plans for the Space Force’s expansion as countries such as China and Russia continue to bolster their space domain efforts.

In February, Saltzman cited the two countries’ anti-satellite missiles, ground-based directed energy, and orbit interception capacities as threats to space security.

In response to these developments, the Space Force has announced that 75 percent of its intelligence-gathering missions will focus on the two nations to keep tabs on their growing weapons development.

Source : Defense Post