Cross-Border Terrorism Increases Tension Between Pakistan, Afghanistan
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Cross-Border Terrorism Increases Tension Between Pakistan, Afghanistan

Relations between Islamabad and Kabul have been strained again this week after the Pakistani army denounced the presence of several groups having links to terror activities in Pakistan but sheltered in Afghanistan.

However, the Taliban authorities have continued to deny Islamabad’s claims of harboring these groups.

The latest Corps Commanders’ Conference on Tuesday discussed the prevailing security situation in the country, especially with respect to the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

“The sanctuaries and liberty of action available to the terrorists of proscribed TTP and other groups of that ilk in a neighboring country and availability of latest weapons to the terrorists were noted as major reasons impacting security of Pakistan,” said a statement by the ISPR, or the media wing of the army.

This accusation was directed at the Afghan Taliban, whom Islamabad has urged for exercising greater control over their territory so that it is not used by rebel Pakistani groups to carry out attacks against them.

The Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan in August 2021 coincided with an escalation of armed violence in Pakistan, especially on account of the activities of their ideological brothers in the TTP.

“We several times said, there is no TTP on Afghanistan soil, if they say, they have to share the evidence in this regard and we will take necessary action,” Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said in a statement.

“We will never allow the use of Afghan soil against our brother country Pakistan, because the insecurity in our neighbor’s country and region is first of all damaging Afghanistan,” he added.

The TTP has been fighting the Pakistani forces to topple the central government in Islamabad to impose their own brand of Shariah for over a decade now.

The group has carried out numerous terror activities, killing thousands of citizens and security forces in the country since its emergence in 2007.

Pakistan has seen more than 80,000 people and over 6,000 security personnel killed in terrorism related incidents since 2000.

After the Afghan Taliban seized power in neighboring Afghanistan, Pakistan has seen increase in extremist activities by the TTP.

Soon after, negotiations between the TTP and Pakistani government started with the Afghan Taliban playing the role of mediator. 

Source : La Prensa Latina