Pokemon Go Trainer Finds Cutest Ever Pikachu Pokestop in Japan
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Pokemon Go Trainer Finds Cutest Ever Pikachu Pokestop in Japan

A Pokemon Go fan has stumbled across an adorable Pikachu Pokestop in Kyoto, and it’s got the community talking about how cute it is.

In Pokemon GO players can send each other gifts that provide different rewards when opened. These rewards include eggs, Stardust, Stickers, balls, potions, and more.

Gifts offer a fantastic way for players to receive daily bonuses for just keeping in contact with their friends. There’s even an option to attach a Postcard to your gifts providing the opportunity to show your friends the places you’ve visited.

Sometimes these Postcards can bring attention to some incredible locations that trainers would otherwise be clueless about. That’s exactly what led to one trainer finding the cutest Pikachu Pokestop in Kyoto, Japan.

Pokemon Go gift uncovers Kyoto’s adorable Pikachu Pokestop

A Pokemon Go trainer received a Postcard showcasing a lovely Pokestop with a cute Pikachu front and center. The adorable little mascot is seen wearing a red kimono and floral headband, with a parasol in hand.

The excited fan tweeted: “This is actually very cute 🥰 Where is this? 🤔 #PokemonGo #PurpleFeebas #ポケモンGO”

Curious as to where the Pikachu is from a fellow trainer would give them their answer. The response revealed that it was from Kyoto’s Pokemon Center store found in the city’s Economy Center.

Pokemon Centers like this are best known for their appearance in the games where players use them to heal up their team to the iconic jingle. However, they aren’t just limited to the virtual world.

There are a series of real-world Pokemon Centers primarily spread across Japan where fans can visit to buy all kinds of merchandise. They are scattered across the country appearing in Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya, and Kyoto amongst others.

Currently, there is only one Pokemon Center worldwide that isn’t in Japan, located in Singapore at the Jewel Changi Airport. However, temporary pop-up stores are seen in other countries such as the Pokemon Center opened in London back in April 2023.

Source : Dexerto