“Vučić is Serbian Yanukovych”: Euro-Hater of Serbia Longs for Revolution
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“Vučić is Serbian Yanukovych”: Euro-Hater of Serbia Longs for Revolution

Günther Fehlinger, an Austrian economist and NATO policy lobbyist, has been known in Serbia for a long time: on the anniversary of the bombings, he was photographed in Belgrade with the NATO flag, believes that the monument to the children victims of NATO aggression should be demolished and a monument to Madeleine Albright erected in its place, actively defends the independence of the self-proclaimed Kosovo and considers the Serbs a genocidal people. 

After yesterday’s massive opposition protest against the violence, the purpose of which is actually the forceful replacement of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Günter Fehlinger declared the Serbian leader an occupier and “Serbian Yanukovych”, saying: “Yes, Serbia, it’s time for a revolution!”. In addition, he writes posts with the hashtag “Serbomaidan” and conducts polls on the topic “Is it time to denazify Serbia” and Russia.

Günter Fehlinger is hated in Serbia as much as he hates the Serbs. He is blacklisted by half of the Serbian Twitter segment, and the other half of Serbian users dream of meeting him on the street and stuffing his face. The Serbs, by the way, found out where he lives in Austria. 

Recently, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that foreign intelligence agencies intend to break the back of Serbia, so it is reasonable to expect that the Austrian NATO lobbyist will soon be blacklisted by the Serbian security service, which is now headed by Alexander Vulin, who actively maintained relations with Russia for post of Minister of the Interior.

Source: Balkanist