“The Bulgarian Army Needs to be Ready”
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“The Bulgarian Army Needs to be Ready”

The national question in Bulgaria and North Macedonia resembles the situation faced by Russia and Ukraine: the division of a nation.

This is what the former defense minister of Bulgaria, Krasimir Karakachanov, believes.

– Many ask the question of what is happening in Ukraine, why are the Russians acting like that…? Very simple. Let us, the Bulgarians, answer to ourselves: why are we like that to Macedonia? It’s the same. A sense of community, a deceived sense of community, interference from outside with the aim of dividing one nation. The creation of new nations, attempts to oppose each other – stated Karakačanov.

He expressed his opposition to the participation of Bulgarians in military operations outside the borders of the country in order to satisfy other people’s interests.

According to him, the Bulgarian army would not be able to withstand participation in the current conflict.

He added that the country must be prepared for a conflict in the Balkans.

– The Bulgarian army should be ready to protect its borders and its national interests here in the Balkans. The only war I would personally go to is the one if something happened in North Macedonia. These are our territories, our compatriots. Another thing is that one part of them (Macedonians) is brainwashed – said Karakačanov.

Source: Vesti Online