354 Properties Damaged in Quake-hit Ishikawa Pref.
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354 Properties Damaged in Quake-hit Ishikawa Pref.

The earthquake that rocked Ishikawa Prefecture on Friday damaged 354 properties, mostly in the municipality of Suzu, the prefectural government said Monday.

The earthquake registered upper 6 on the Japanese seismic scale of 7 in Suzu.

On Monday evening, the Suzu municipal government lifted an evacuation instruction issued to warn about the possibility of landslides. The evacuation affected about 1,630 people in about 740 households.

Emergency checks to assess the risk of collapse in the event of aftershocks were conducted on 930 structures in Suzu on Sunday. According to the results of the assessments, 139 structures were at high risk of collapse and residents were advised to carry out emergency repair work before entering the properties.

Volunteers have been supporting cleanup efforts in the worst-hit municipality, helping to repair roofs among other tasks.

On Monday, members of the Nara Prefecture-based nonprofit organization Saigai Shien Rescue Assist were using a crane to remove damaged tiles and attach tarpaulin sheets to roofs in Kawaura district, which is close to the tip of Noto Peninsula.

Source: The Japan News