Foreign Minister Wu gives exclusive NPR interview

Foreign Minister Wu gives exclusive NPR interview

The government is committed to safeguarding Taiwan’s sovereignty and democratic way of life in the face of authoritarian expansionism, according to Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s threats against Taiwan are similar in nature, Wu said. The country is ready to follow the East European country’s example by preparing for asymmetric warfare and strengthening resistance against aggression, he added.

Wu made the remarks during an exclusive interview with Leila Fadel of National Public Radio, broadcast Feb. 18 by the Washington-headquartered outlet from Taipei City.

China’s ambition is not limited to Taiwan but extends to the East China Sea and even the South Pacific Ocean, Wu said. This is evidenced by the security pact established between China and the Solomon Islands as well as Beijing’s establishment of military bases in the South China Sea, he added.

The unity and resolve of global democracies in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is likely to be a wake-up call for China, Wu said, adding that it is important that like-minded partners continue to emphasize the need for peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, he added.

Wars bring destruction, which means disaster for China as well, Wu said. Maintaining the status quo and ensuring regional security serve the best interests of all parties concerned, he added. (DL-E).

source: taiwantoday