New Progress Has Been Made in The Construction of Nuclear Power Plants in Southern China
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New Progress Has Been Made in The Construction of Nuclear Power Plants in Southern China

Wuhan Client – China’s independent third-generation nuclear power “Hualong No. The inner dome of Unit 3 of the second phase of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant was hoisted into place for Hualong No. 1 unit, which marked the complete transfer of the unit from civil construction to equipment installation.

In order to ensure high-quality “dragon raising its head”, the Central Enterprise 22, a Han central enterprise, cooperated with all participating units. At 2:36 in the morning of the same day, as the wind speed measurement met the standard, the commander-in-chief of the project site gave an order, and the crane slowly lifted the inner dome with a total weight of about 518 tons off the ground. After hooking, luffing, walking, luffing, After a series of actions such as dropping the hook, it is finally located precisely on the top structure of the pile, and the quality and safety of the whole hoisting process are controllable.

The steel-lined inner dome is located on the top of the nuclear island reactor building. It is an important part of the reactor safety barrier. It forms a closed steel-lined tank structure with the cylinder and the bottom plate to ensure the airtightness of the reactor building. According to the person in charge of the “Hualong No. 1” project of CNNC 22nd, the inner diameter of the hoisted dome is 46.8 meters, the inner height is 23.4 meters, and the total hoisting height is 69.64 meters. During the construction process, China National Nuclear Corporation No. 22 stepped up technological innovation, pioneered the world’s first “Hualong No. 1” integrated new inner dome assembly tire frame, and comprehensively deepened the application of steel lining modular construction, stainless steel modular construction, BIM technology, and simulation analysis , finite element analysis calculation and verification and other new technologies can effectively improve the construction quality and intrinsic safety.

“Hualong One” is my country’s third-generation nuclear power technology with complete independent intellectual property rights, which meets the latest global nuclear safety standards and is a major landmark achievement of my country’s nuclear power innovation and development. After the completion of the second phase of Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Project, it can deliver 18 billion kWh of clean electricity to Hainan Province every year, which is equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by 5.5 million tons and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 13 million tons. It will provide a safe and clean environment for Hainan to build a clean energy island. , Efficient energy support and power guarantee.

Source: Baidu